Why Listen to the TTX Podcast?

We are a supportive community for entrepreneurs in the transportation industry. The problem we saw was transportation businesses like ours and others had to go many places to get guidance on how to start, grow, and services to use. We wanted to create a one stop shop Podcast for Transportation businesses to Share, Learn, and Grow from each other.

Who are The Transportation Chix?

TTX Podcast was started by two women (Salacia and Ocea) passionate and successful in the transportation industry. We wanted to help other established and aspiring transportation businesses Share, Learn, and Grow their businesses to the next level! We wanted to create a safe place for transportation entrepreneurs to share their stories to help the community of entrepreneurs not reinvent the wheel, just leverage it better.

What People Say About The Transportation Chix?

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Great training that helped me start my transportation business.
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Helped me take my transportation business to the next level!
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Set my business up with transportation resources from start to finish

64% of surveyed transportation businesses overspend on start up costs because they don't have a real business to talk to before they start